Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Bring on 2015. We're Ready

I do have to admit, this year hasn't been a year I will remember for the best reasons...
There was one very saddening thing that happened and is still going on in the family, but It is too personal to share publicly to the world. 
And I have gone through some hard times this year concerning many different things.
But I will remember this year as wonderful for a few reasons.
Starting my amazing blogging journey. I do have the the best blogger friends in the world. 
I count ask for better virtual friends.=)
And that I have been tremulously blessed this year in so many different ways.xD 

I hadn't thought at all about new year resolutions honestly till this morning when other people shared some of theirs. I have never made any, but this year I am going to try to make some, that will help me make this new year a good one to remember.

Here are just a few Resolutions I jotted down a few minutes ago.

  1. Don't judge people by their appearance. I always tend to judge people by their looks and assume the worst about them. But when I actually take the time to talk to them I realize they are really sweet or funny and I mentally slap myself for assuming the worst. 
  2. Eat less sugar. There is no way I can see how many days I can go without it cause just NO. So I’m gonna just try to eat one treat a day instead on two
  3. Get more active. Ever sense I started blogging I've been on my computer a lot. It is really hard to be active in the winter, but I can still exercise more.
  4. Stop snacking so much. Pretty self explanatory. I’m gonna pay for it later if I don't teach myself to not eat like a Hobbit now. xD
  5. Stop dressing to impress. I really do hate dressing to impress other people. It is so enslaving. I want to try to not care what people think and just wear what I want without caring what the world thinks weather its popular or not.
  6. Stop caring what others think of me. Kinda the same thing, but I just don't want to care what people think about how I dress, That I still like dolls and any other thing. If they don't like me for who I am, I need to find a new friend.

I will probable think of more to add to my very short list...but for now this is good.

I hope this New Year of 2015 becomes the most wonderful year for all of you!!
You are beautiful. Don't ever, ever forget that.
I love you all so much!


Monday, December 29, 2014

It Is my honor to Introduce you to...

As you can probable tell by the title of this post, I received a new doll for Christmas yesterday.xD
I haven't decided on her sure yet...I'm really quite messed up with names.
Anyway, I would like you all to meet...


Like I said, I haven't decided what I'm going to name her yet, but I'm leaning toward the name Claire.

Here are a bunch of pictures I took this morning with my camera.xD (I didn't edit any them)

No I'm not sitting her freaking out because of how photogenic she is. NOT AT ALL.

Everything about her is just perfect.

Huge thanks to my grandma for buying her for me! =)
Let me know if you think the name Claire matches her. xD

I'm not even going to ask you what picture is your favorite because I know how painful it is to try to count through a bucket of photos...xD

She is honestly just TO pretty. I love her so much already. 
I'm bonded. ^-^
I would not have rather gotten any other doll. 


Saturday, December 27, 2014

A Photoshoot With Kit

We all love lame titles right? Good. I will come up with a better one next time. *cough cough*
Okay, I know these photos are not the all...but It was really sunny out which is hasn't been lately so I mind at well huh? 
Oh, and I finally got fingerless gloves so my hands won't freeze while I'm taking pictures, just my fingers will.xD
K, here is the shoot. ^-^

I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas! Would you guys like to see a Christmas haul?

Oh, just wanted say thank you to Adaline for designing my blog for me! I can't tell you how much I love the design. UGH SO BEAUTIFUL.
Adi is a really sweet, amazing person and has the most wonderful blog that would even make Lee's mouth drop. xD
Haha but really, Her blog is so amazing! You can check it out my clicking HERE.
Thanks again Adi! (And for removing the snow...xD)

Hope you all are having a lovely Saturday!

I need to work on a new signature.=)